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        def usrlocGetContacts(aor):
	if aor.lower().startswith("sip:"):
		aor = aor[4:]
	elif aor.lower().startwith("sips:"):
		aor = aor[5:]
	if hasattr(Config, "usrloc") and Config.usrloc.has_key(aor):
		co = copy.deepcopy(Config.usrloc[aor])
		cco = co
		now = time.time()
		while cco is not None:
			#FIXME allready expired Contact will be returned 
			#      with negative expires value
			cco.expires = int(int(cco.expires) - now)
			cco = cco.next
		return co
		return None

src/s/f/sftf-HEAD/Transaction.py   sftf(Download)
					reply.setHeaderValue("Contact", req.getHeaderValue("Contact"))
					co = Helper.usrlocGetContacts(req.getParsedHeaderValue("To").uri)
					if co is not None:
						reply.setParsedHeaderValue("Contact", co)