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Descriptor for a protocol message type.

A Descriptor instance has the following attributes:

  name: (str) Name of this protocol message type.
  full_name: (str) Fully-qualified name of this protocol message type,
    which will include protocol "package" name and the name of any
    enclosing types.

  containing_type: (Descriptor) Reference to the descriptor of the(more...)

src/d/i/Diablo-III-Protocol-Simulator-HEAD/libs/proto/Hero_pb2.py   Diablo-III-Protocol-Simulator(Download)
_SAVEDDATA.fields_by_name['hotbar_button_assignments'].message_type = _HOTBARBUTTONDATA
_SAVEDDATA.fields_by_name['skill_key_map'].message_type = _SKILLKEYMAPPING
_SAVEDDATA.fields_by_name['hireling_saved_data'].message_type = Hireling_pb2._SAVEDDATA
_SAVEDDATA.fields_by_name['learned_lore'].message_type = _LEARNEDLORE
_SAVEDDATA.fields_by_name['saved_conversations'].message_type = _SAVEDCONVERSATIONS