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src/l/i/licenseplates-HEAD/src/LocalBinaryPatternizer.py   licenseplates(Download)
from Histogram import Histogram
from math import ceil
class LocalBinaryPatternizer:
    """This class generates a Local Binary Pattern of a given image."""
            for j in xrange(cells_in_width):
                self.histograms[i].append(Histogram(self.bins, 0, self.bins))
    def pattern_3x3(self, y, x, value):
    def get_single_histogram(self):
        """Create a single histogram of the local binary patterns in the
        h = Histogram(self.bins, 0, self.bins)

src/d/a/datagram-0.1/datagram/__init__.py   datagram(Download)
    #__import__(module, globals(), locals(), [])
from Histogram import Histogram
from Distribution import Distribution, distributions
from fit import fit, fit_np, KS_statistics

src/l/i/licenseplates-HEAD/src/test_histogram.py   licenseplates(Download)
from Histogram import Histogram
his = Histogram(10, 10, 110)