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Simple History management class for back/forward button support.

This class allows your AJAX application to use a history.  Each time you
call newItem(), a new item is added to the history and the history
listeners are notified.  If the user clicks the browser's forward or back 
buttons, the appropriate item (a string passed to newItem) is fetched
from the history and the history listeners are notified.

The address bar of the browser contains the current token, using 
the "#" seperator (for implementation reasons, not because we love (more...)

src/t/h/thug-HEAD/src/DOM/Window.py   thug(Download)
from .Location import Location
from .Screen import Screen
from .History import History
from .ClipboardData import ClipboardData
from .External import External
        self._navigator = navigator if navigator else Navigator(personality, self)
        self._location  = Location(self)
        self._history   = History(self)
        self._history.update(url, replace)

src/e/0/E-learning-HEAD/Multimedia.py   E-learning(Download)
import os
from History import Point, History
		self.history = History()
	def saveImage(self, fileName, fileFormat):

src/p/y/Pyjamas-Desktop-0.1/pyjamas/ui.py   Pyjamas-Desktop(Download)
from DeferredCommand import DeferredCommand
import pyjslib
from History import History
import Window
from sets import Set