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src/c/h/Chandler-ReportPlugin-0.1/reports/ProgressReports.py   Chandler-ReportPlugin(Download)
    filteredList = [getItemValues(item) for item in itemsToReport 
                         if item.createdOn > since and item.createdOn < until]
    historyView = History.makeView(itemsToReport)
    deletedItems = History.getDeletedItems(itemsToReport, historyView)
    for itemValues in deletedItems:
    startTSList = [TriageEnum.now, TriageEnum.later, None]
    # reusing the view
    historyView = History.makeView(itemsToReport)
    for itemValues in doneItems:
        toReport, values = hasChangedFromStartToEnd(itemsToReport, 
    focusItems = getChangedItems(itemsToReport, until, since, triageStatus, 
    historyView = History.makeView(itemsToReport)
    for item in focusItems:
        toReport, values = hasChangedFromStartToEnd(itemsToReport, item, 
    persistentItems = getChangedItems(itemsToReport, until, since, 
                                      triageStatus, changed=False)
    historyView = History.makeView(itemsToReport)
    for item in persistentItems:
    epoch_time = getEpochTime(since)
    filteredList = []
    historyView = History.makeView(itemsToReport)
    updatedItems = [item for item in itemsToReport if