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src/h/n/HnTool-HEAD/HnTool/modules/ssh.py   HnTool(Download)
            if os.path.isfile(sshd_conf):
                # dict with all the lines
                lines = HnTool.modules.util.hntool_conf_parser(sshd_conf)
                # Checking if SSH is using the default port

src/h/n/HnTool-HEAD/HnTool/modules/proftpd.py   HnTool(Download)
			if os.path.isfile(proftpd_conf):
				# dict with all the lines
				lines = HnTool.modules.util.hntool_conf_parser(proftpd_conf)
				proftpd_conf_file_found = True

src/h/n/HnTool-HEAD/HnTool/modules/authentication.py   HnTool(Download)
        # Checks about the login.defs file
        if os.path.isfile(logindefs_file):
            lines = HnTool.modules.util.hntool_conf_parser(logindefs_file)
            # Checking when passwords expires