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Manages registering and loading Hooks from external modules.

Hook modules will have a copy of this 'main' module's contents in their
globals dictionary and the Hooks class to be sub-classed. They will also
have the 'register' method, which the hook module should use to register any
Hook sub-classes that it defines.

The 'register' method has the same signature as the _register method of
this class, but without the leading 'filename' argument; that value is
curried by the HookManager.

src/a/m/Amplifriend-HEAD/hub/SubscriptionConfirmHandler.py   Amplifriend(Download)
import hubmodel
import decorators
from HookManager import HookManager
from SubscribeHandler import confirm_subscription
hooks = HookManager()

src/a/m/Amplifriend-HEAD/hub/SubscribeHandler.py   Amplifriend(Download)
import templates
import utils
from HookManager import HookManager
def confirm_subscription(mode, topic, callback, verify_token,
			return self.response.set_status(503)
hooks = HookManager()