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Executes a hookable method, possibly invoking a registered Hook.

        original: The original hooked callable.
        args: Positional arguments to pass to the callable.
        kwargs: Keyword arguments to pass to the callable.

        Whatever value is returned by the hooked call.

src/a/m/Amplifriend-HEAD/hub/SubscriptionConfirmHandler.py   Amplifriend(Download)
			mode = 'subscribe'
		if not hooks.execute(confirm_subscription,
				mode, sub.topic, sub.callback,
				sub.verify_token, sub.secret, sub.lease_seconds):

src/a/m/Amplifriend-HEAD/hub/SubscribeHandler.py   Amplifriend(Download)
			# We prefer synchronous confirmation.
			if verify_type == 'sync':
				if hooks.execute(confirm_subscription,
							mode, topic, callback, verify_token, secret, lease_seconds):
					return self.response.set_status(204)