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src/f/l/flowgram.com-HEAD/django/flowgram/core/search/searcher.py   flowgram.com(Download)
def get_attr(hy_id, attr):
    import HyperEstraier
    db = HyperEstraier.Database()
    db.open(localsettings.HYPER_ESTRAIER_DB_PATH, HyperEstraier.Database.DBREADER)
    hy_doc = db.get_doc(hy_id, 0)
    return hy_doc.attr(attr)
def search(searchphrase):
    import HyperEstraier
def main():
    import HyperEstraier
    # parse command line options
    if sys.argv[1] == '1' :
        print '000'

src/f/l/flowgram.com-HEAD/django/flowgram/core/search/gatherer.py   flowgram.com(Download)
the implementation of flowgram gatherer 
import HyperEstraier

src/p/y/pyndexter-0.2/pyndexter/indexers/hyperestraier.py   pyndexter(Download)
import os
import HyperEstraier
from pyndexter import *