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src/n/a/nagare.examples-0.3.0/nagare/examples/gallery/thumb.py   nagare.examples(Download)
    from PIL import Image, ImageFilter, ImageDraw
except ImportError:
    import Image, ImageFilter, ImageDraw
import StringIO

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/WebKit/Examples/ImageDemo.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
    gdImage = None
    try: # Python Imaging Library
        import Image as pilImage, ImageDraw, ImageFont
    except ImportError:

src/k/w/kwant-1.0.0/examples/logo.py   kwant(Download)
import Image
import ImageFont
import ImageDraw
import matplotlib
import numpy as np

src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/examples/pylot_main.py   shedskin(Download)
import Image
import ImageTk
import ImageDraw
import random
from pylot.Pool import ThreadedQueueProcessor

src/s/r/srtm.py-HEAD/sample_images.py   srtm.py(Download)
import logging as mod_logging
import Image as mod_image
import ImageDraw as mod_imagedraw
import srtm as mod_srtm

src/s/p/Spherebot-Host-GUI-HEAD/InkscapePortable/App/Inkscape/python/Lib/site-packages/sk1libs/imaging/ImageDraw2.py   Spherebot-Host-GUI(Download)
import Image, ImageColor, ImageDraw, ImageFont, ImagePath
class Pen:

src/z/i/zima-0.1.106/zima/captcha/helpers.py   zima(Download)
def mutateToImg(text, cfg):
    import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont
    # 'cmunrb.otf'
    font = ImageFont.truetype(cfg.fontName, 16, encoding='unic')
    rect = font.getsize(text)
def mutateToFormulaImg(text):
    import matplotlib.mathtext as mtext
    import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont
    parser = mtext.MathTextParser('Bitmap')
    res = parser.parse(r'$%s$' % (text,), dpi=100)[0]

src/f/o/formv-0.0.3/formv/utils/imaging.py   formv(Download)
from formv.utils.compat import PY2, PY3
if PY2:
    import Image, ImageEnhance, ImageDraw
if PY3:
        import Image, ImageEnhance, ImageDraw

src/r/2/R2C2_Software-HEAD/ReplicatorG/skein_engines/skeinforge-44/fabmetheus_utilities/miscellaneous/nophead/layers.py   R2C2_Software(Download)
from vector3 import Vector3
import Image, ImageDraw
def bounding_cube(layers):
    min_x = 999999

src/r/2/R2C2_Software-HEAD/ReplicatorG/skein_engines/skeinforge-44/fabmetheus_utilities/miscellaneous/nophead/enrique.py   R2C2_Software(Download)
import Image, ImageDraw, ImageChops
from GifImagePlugin import getheader, getdata
from vector3 import Vector3
# Get the entire text of a file.

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