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src/o/r/Orange-2.7.2/Orange/OrangeWidgets/Data/OWImageViewer.py   Orange(Download)
    def pixmapFromFile(self, filename):
        pixmap = QPixmap(filename)
        if pixmap.isNull():
                import Image, ImageQt

src/s/e/SeaGoatVision-HEAD/SeaGoatVision/client/qt/utils.py   SeaGoatVision(Download)
from PySide import QtCore
import Image
import ImageQt
import sources

src/n/a/NanScan-HEAD/NanScan/Backends/SaneBackend.py   NanScan(Download)
import sane
# PIL Module to convert PIL Image Object to QImage
import ImageQt
import Common

src/h/e/HeadTracker-HEAD/image_utils.py   HeadTracker(Download)
import numpy
from PyQt4 import  QtCore, QtGui
import ImageQt
"""OpenCV (Ipl), Numpy, Qt and Pil image utility functions"""