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2002-11-15 ROwen    Broken out of RO.InputCont to improve the architecture.
2003-03-12 ROwen    Added getStringList; changed 1/0 to True/False.
2003-07-10 ROwen    Uses self.inputCont instead of self.inputContSet.
2003-10-20 ROwen    Bug fixes: getDefValueDict and getValueDict both had
                    extra args left over from an older InputCont.
2004-05-18 ROwen    Stopped importing string, sys and types since they weren't used.
2004-08-11 ROwen    Define __all__ to restrict import.
2004-12-13 ROwen    Added removeCallback; added addCallback arg. callNow.
2011-08-11 ROwen    Added support for a state tracker.

src/r/o/RO-3.4.4/python/RO/Wdg/OptionButtons.py   RO(Download)
import Button
import Checkbutton
import InputContFrame
import Label

src/r/o/RO-3.4.4/python/RO/Wdg/InputContPresetsWdg.py   RO(Download)
    import RO.InputCont
    import Gridder
    import InputContFrame
    root = Tkinter.Tk()