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src/m/b/MBSP-HEAD/examples/01-parse.py   MBSP(Download)
q = 'I eat pizza with a fork.'
s = MBSP.parse(q,
     tokenize = True, # Split tokens, e.g. 'fork.' => 'fork' + '.'
         tags = True, # Assign part-of-speech tags => 'fork' = noun = NN.

src/m/b/MBSP-HEAD/examples/03-head.py   MBSP(Download)
s = MBSP.parse("I ate many slices of pizza with a fork.")
s = MBSP.split(s)

src/m/b/MBSP-HEAD/examples/02-tree.py   MBSP(Download)
s = MBSP.parse("I eat pizza with a fork.")
s = MBSP.split(s) # Yields a list of traversable Sentence objects.

src/m/b/MBSP-HEAD/examples/04-biomedical.py   MBSP(Download)
def parse(*args, **kwargs):
    s = MBSP.parse(*args, **kwargs)
    s = parse_semantic_tag(s)
    return s