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src/m/d/MDAnalysis-0.8.1/MDAnalysis/coordinates/PDB.py   MDAnalysis(Download)
import base
from MDAnalysis.topology.core import guess_atom_element
from MDAnalysis.core.AtomGroup import Universe, AtomGroup
        iCode = iCode or ""
        iCode = iCode[:1]
        element = element or guess_atom_element(name.strip())  # element == 0|False|None will be guessed
        element = str(element).strip()[:2]                     # make sure that is a string for user input
        segID = segID or chainID

src/m/d/MDAnalysis-0.8.1/MDAnalysis/coordinates/PDBQT.py   MDAnalysis(Download)
import base
from MDAnalysis.topology.core import guess_atom_element
# PDBQTReader and Writer classes will subclass PrimitiveReader/Writer from PDB module

src/m/d/MDAnalysisTests-0.8.1/MDAnalysisTests/test_topology.py   MDAnalysisTests(Download)
import MDAnalysis
from MDAnalysis.topology.core import guess_atom_type, guess_atom_element, get_atom_mass
from MDAnalysis.tests.datafiles import PRMpbc, PRM12, PSF, PSF_NAMD, PSF_nosegid, DMS, PDB_small
def check_atom_element(element, aname):
    assert_equal(guess_atom_element(aname), element)
class _TestGuessAtomType(object):
    atype = None