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src/e/g/egads-0.5.7/egads/third-party/nappy/contrib/aircraft/aircraft_utils.py   egads(Download)
import cdms
import Numeric
import MV

src/e/g/egads-0.5.7/egads/third-party/nappy/contrib/aircraft/aircraftData.py   egads(Download)
# Imports from python standard library
import os,sys
import MA, Numeric, cdms, MV, cdtime
# Imports from local package

src/e/g/egads-0.5.7/egads/third-party/cdms_utils/cdms_compat.py   egads(Download)
except ImportError:
	import cdms
	import MV
	import Numeric as N
	import MA

src/e/g/egads-0.5.7/egads/third-party/cdms_utils/bounds_checker.py   egads(Download)
    print "x is:", x
    print "we want to treat 999 as missing_value and then mask 0 to lower_bound of 1"
    import MV
    ma = MV.masked_array(x, mask=[0,0,0,0,0,1], fill_value=999)
    ax = cdms.createAxis([3,5,7,9,11,13])