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A dictionary with attribute-style access. It maps attribute access to
the real dictionary.  

src/t/h/thug-HEAD/src/DOM/MimeTypes.py   thug(Download)
import logging
from .MimeType import MimeType
from .Plugin import Plugin
log = logging.getLogger("Thug")
class MimeTypes(dict):
    def __init__(self):
        self['application/pdf'] = MimeType({   
                                            'enabled'       : True})  
        self['application/x-shockwave-flash'] = MimeType({  
                                            'description'   : 'Shockwave Flash',
                                            'suffixes'      : 'swf',
        if not log.ThugOpts.Personality.isIE():
            if not log.ThugVulnModules.javaplugin_disabled:
                self['application/x-java-applet'] = MimeType({
                                                              'description'   : 'Java Applet',
                                                              'suffixes'      : 'jar',
        if log.ThugOpts.Personality.isWindows():
            self['application/x-ms-wmz'] = MimeType({
                                                'description'   : 'Windows Media Player',
                                                'suffixes'      : 'wmz',