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src/r/c/rcubic-HEAD/RCubic/RCubicClient.py   rcubic(Download)
        # user needs to be str(user) bc user is an xmpp object
        return self.getResponse("checkInUser", data={"user": str(user), "checkInName": checkInName, "token": self.token}, address=address, port=port, *args, **kwargs)
    def progress(self, scriptName=None, message=None, *args, **kwargs):
        return self.getResponse("progress", data={"scriptName": scriptName, "message": message, "token": self.token}, *args, **kwargs)
    def reclone(self, *args, **kwargs):
        Reclone it.
        return self.getResponse("reclone", data={"token": self.token}, *args, **kwargs)
    def reschedule(self, scriptName=None, *args, **kwargs):
        Reschedule it.
        return self.getResponse("reschedule", data={"scriptName": scriptName, "token": self.token}, *args, **kwargs)
    def manualOverride(self, scriptName=None, *args, **kwargs):
        Manually override
        return self.getResponse("manualOverride", data={"scriptName": scriptName, "token": self.token}, *args, **kwargs)

src/r/c/rcubic-HEAD/RCubic/BotClient.py   rcubic(Download)
        return self.getResponse("messageUser", data={"user": user, "message": message, "token": self.token}, *args, **kwargs)
    def waitForEvent(self, event):
            self.restserver.registerCheckIn(room, checkInName, ev)
            self.getResponse("requestRoomCheckIn", data=data, *args, **kwargs)
            # Go through all users and parse for pm or room
                if not room:
                    data["users"] = [user]
                    self.getResponse("requestUserCheckIn", data=data, *args, **kwargs)
            if room:
                data["users"] = users
                self.getResponse("requestUserCheckIn", data=data, *args, **kwargs)