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An abstract class describing a mini-game.

Many of this class's methods throw exceptions. That is because implementing 
mini-games are required to override them. However, all the methods can be 
overriden safely.

src/c/o/corvec-HEAD/Game/gui/Corvec_Three_Count.py   I'm Corvec(Download)
class Corvec_Three_Count(Mini_Game.Mini_Game):
	'''Runs the "Corvec Three Count" mini-game.'''
	def __init__(self):
		'''Initializes Corvec Three Count.'''

src/c/o/corvec-HEAD/Game/gui/Corvec_Tetris.py   I'm Corvec(Download)
class Corvec_Tetris(Mini_Game.Mini_Game):
	'''Runs the "Corvec Three Count" mini-game.'''
	#constants used in resizing and positioning
	BOARD_WIDTH_RATIO = 650.0/1580.0

src/c/o/corvec-HEAD/Game/gui/Corvec_Says.py   I'm Corvec(Download)
class Corvec_Says(Mini_Game.Mini_Game):
	'''Runs the "Corvec Says" mini-game.'''
	def __init__(self):
		'''Initializes Corvec Says.'''

src/c/o/corvec-HEAD/Game/gui/Corvec_Mousetrap.py   I'm Corvec(Download)
class Corvec_Mousetrap(Mini_Game.Mini_Game):
	'''Runs the "Corvec Mousetrap" mini-game.'''
	def __init__(self):
		'''Initializes Corvec Mousetrap.'''