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Genetic models take a family object with individuals and variants and annotates for each variant which models they follow in this family.

The following models are checked:

- Autosomal Dominant(AD)
- Autosomal Dominant De Novo(AD_DN)
- Autosomal Recessive(AR)
- Autosomal Recessive De Novo(AR_DN)(more...)

src/m/i/mip_family_analysis-0.9.3/Mip_Family_Analysis/Utils/variant_consumer.py   mip_family_analysis(Download)
from pprint import pprint as pp
from Mip_Family_Analysis.Models import genetic_models, score_variants
class VariantConsumer(multiprocessing.Process):

src/m/i/mip_family_analysis-0.9.3/scripts/run_mip_family_analysis.py   mip_family_analysis(Download)
from Mip_Family_Analysis.Variants import variant_parser
from Mip_Family_Analysis.Models import genetic_models, score_variants
from Mip_Family_Analysis.Utils import variant_consumer, variant_sorter, header_parser, variant_printer