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Convert URI templates into tile URLs, using a tileUrlTemplate identical to:

src/t/i/TileStache-HEAD/TileStache/Providers.py   TileStache(Download)
    def __init__(self, layer, url=None, provider_name=None):
        """ Initialize Proxy provider with layer and url.
        if url:
            self.provider = ModestMaps.Providers.TemplatedMercatorProvider(url)

src/m/o/modestmaps-py-HEAD/wscompose/__init__.py   modestmaps-py(Download)
    def load_provider (self, value) :
	if value.startswith('http://'):
	    return ModestMaps.Providers.TemplatedMercatorProvider(value)
        elif value in ModestMaps.builtinProviders: