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Create page object.

Note that this is a 'lean' operation, since the text for the page
is loaded on demand. Thus, things like `Page(name).link_to()` are

@param page_name: WikiName of the page
@keyword rev: number of older revision
@keyword formatter: formatter instance or mimetype str,
                    None or no kw arg will use default formatter(more...)

src/m/o/moingo-HEAD/MoinMoin/PageEditor.py   moingo(Download)
        @keyword uid_override: override user id and name (default None)
        Page.__init__(self, request, page_name, **keywords)
        self._ = request.getText
            self.error = None
            savetext = u"## page was copied from %s\n%s" % (self.page_name, savetext)
            Page.__init__(self, request, newpagename)
            self._write_file(savetext, "SAVENEW", comment)