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Get cached ACLs of this page.

Return cached ACL or invoke parseACL and update the cache.

@param request: the request object
@rtype: MoinMoin.security.AccessControlList
@return: ACL of this page

src/m/o/moingo-HEAD/MoinMoin/PageEditor.py   moingo(Download)
            # rights. This is a good place to update acl cache - instead
            # of wating for next request.
            acl = self.getACL(request)
            if (not request.user.may.admin(self.page_name) and
                parseACL(request, newtext).acl != acl.acl and

src/m/o/moingo-HEAD/MoinMoin/security/__init__.py   moingo(Download)
            p = Page(request, pagename)
        acl = p.getACL(request) # this will be fast in a reused page obj
        allowed = acl.may(request, username, right)
        if allowed is not None: