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Convenience function to get the page text, skipping the header

@rtype: unicode
@return: page text, excluding the header

src/m/o/moingo-HEAD/MoinMoin/search/results.py   moingo(Download)
        if not output:
            # Return the first context characters from the page text
            output = f.text(page.page.getPageText(length=context))
            output = output.strip()
            if not output:

src/m/o/moingo-HEAD/MoinMoin/_tests/test_packages.py   moingo(Download)
        assert myPackage.msg == u'foo\nFooPage added \n'
        testseite2 = Page(self.request, 'TestSeite2')
        assert testseite2.getPageText() == "Hello world, I am the file testdatei"
        assert testseite2.isUnderlayPage()