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MultiCall - a class which inherits its methods from a Tkinter widget (Text, for
example), but enables multiple calls of functions per virtual event - all
matching events will be called, not only the most specific one. This is done
by wrapping the event functions - event_add, event_delete and event_info.
MultiCall recognizes only a subset of legal event sequences. Sequences which
are not recognized are treated by the original Tk handling mechanism. A
more-specific event will be called before a less-specific event.

The recognized sequences are complete one-event sequences (no emacs-style
Ctrl-X Ctrl-C, no shortcuts like <3>), for all types of events.(more...)

src/g/a/GarlicSim-HEAD/garlicsim_wx/py2exe_cruft/almost_import_stdlib.py   GarlicSim(Download)
    import IdleHistory
    import MimeWriter
    import MultiCall
    import MultiStatusBar
    import ObjectBrowser