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        def is_py2():
	return (version_info[0] == (2))

src/n/a/Naked-0.1.30/lib/Naked/toolshed/state.py   Naked(Download)
	def __init__(self):
		now = datetime.datetime.now()
		self.py2 = py.is_py2() #truth test Python 2 interpreter
		self.py3 = py.is_py3() #truth test Python 3 interpreter
		self.py_major = py.py_major_version() #Python major version

src/n/a/Naked-0.1.30/lib/Naked/commands/make.py   Naked(Download)
                return self.getUserInfo()
        # if project name already set, then obtain the other optional information
        if python.is_py2():
            self.data.developer = raw_input("Enter the licensing developer or organization (q=quit): ")
            if self.data.developer == "q":
                    print("Aborted the project build.")
                    if python.is_py2():
                        response = raw_input("Would you like to modify this information? (y/n) ")
        if python.is_py2():
            response = raw_input("Is this correct? (y/n) ")