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        def make_dirs(dirpath):
        import os
        import errno
        return True
    except OSError as ose:
        if ose.errno != errno.EEXIST: # directory already exists
            if DEBUG_FLAG:
                sys.stderr.write("Naked Framework Error: Could not write the directory path passed as an argument to the make_dirs() function (Naked.toolshed.system).")
            raise ose
            return False
    except Exception as e:
        raise e

src/n/a/Naked-0.1.30/lib/Naked/commands/make.py   Naked(Download)
import Naked.toolshed.ink as ink
from Naked.toolshed.types import XDict, XString
from Naked.toolshed.system import make_dirs, make_path, exit_success
import datetime
import sys
        for xdir in second_level_dirs:
            make_dirs(make_path(top_level_dir, xdir))
        make_dirs(make_path(top_level_dir, 'lib', lib_subdir))