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        def solve(question):
    question = re.sub(r"'s", '', question)
    question = re.sub(r'[^\w\d\s]', '', question)
    tokens = question.split(' ')
    name = None
    # Name:
    #    'What is Susan's name?' - Susan
    #    'If a person is called George, what is their name?' - George
    if 'name' in tokens:
        for i in range(len(tokens)):
            # Go through each token and save those that have a capital letter that we won't omit.
            if tokens[i] not in omit and re.search(r'^[A-Z]', tokens[i]):
                name = tokens[i].lower()

    return name

src/t/e/TextCaptchaBreaker-HEAD/TextCaptchaBreaker.py   TextCaptchaBreaker(Download)
                answer = ColorPattern.solve(question)
            if answer is None:
                answer = NamePattern.solve(question)
            if answer is None:
                answer = BodyPartsPattern.solve(question)