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src/p/l/plotlib-0.3/plotlib/VnfPlot.py   plotlib(Download)
            path,ext = os.path.splitext(filename)
            if ext=='.nc':
                from NcPlottable import NcPlottable
                self.ncPlottables.append(NcPlottable(filename, base=base, 
                    engineInstance=engineInstance, **kwds))
            elif ext=='.plot':
                from TextPlottable import TextPlottable
                self.ncPlottables.append(NcPlottable(filename, base=base, 

src/p/l/plotlib-0.3/plotlib/NcPlottableSet.py   plotlib(Download)
import numpy as np
from NcPlottable import NcPlottable
class NcPlottableSet(object):
    """ To plot more than one ncplottable....initially we only support multiple S(E)s
            from enthought.mayavi import mlab
            engine = mlab
        self.ncPlottables = [NcPlottable(netcdfFile, base=base, 
                    engineInstance=engineInstance, **kwds) for netcdfFile in netcdfFiles]
        #assume all datasets are similar