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A Rete Network Building and 'Evaluation' Implementation for RDFLib Graphs of Notation 3 rules.
The DLP implementation uses this network to automatically building RETE decision trees for OWL forms of

Uses Python hashing mechanism to maximize the efficiency of the built pattern network.

The network :
    - compiles an RDFLib N3 rule graph into AlphaNode and BetaNode instances
    - takes a fact (or the removal of a fact, perhaps?) and propagates down, starting from it's alpha nodes
    - stores inferred triples in provided triple source (an RDFLib graph) or a temporary IOMemory Graph by default

src/p/y/Pyevolve-HEAD/pyevolve/Migration.py   Pyevolve(Download)
import Util
from random import randint as rand_randint, choice as rand_choice
import Network
import Consts
from FunctionSlot import FunctionSlot