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Network class 

src/c/l/cloubed-HEAD/lib/Cloubed.py   cloubed(Download)
from StorageVolume import StorageVolume
from Domain import Domain
from Network import Network
from EventManager import EventManager
from conf.Configuration import Configuration
            logging.info("initializing network {name}" \

src/c/r/crossmess-HEAD/msnp/Msnp15.py   CrossMess(Download)
from XmlParser import XmlParser
from Network import Network as connection
from Handle import Handle
from Debug import Debug as debug
        debug("prelude(): Start connection.", 3)
        conn = connection()
        conn.connect(self._host, self._port)
        sockfd = conn.getSockfd()
        conn = connection(self._sockfd)
        conn.sendDataTrid("PRP", self.getTrid(), None, "MFN %s" % nick, self._sockfd)
        conn = connection(self._sockfd)
        conn.sendDataTrid("CHG", self.getTrid(), None, "%s 1984741420" % status, self._sockfd)
        adl = self.getADL()
        conn = connection(self._sockfd)
        conn.sendDataTrid("BLP", self.getTrid(), None, "BL", self._sockfd)

src/m/e/meta-forensics-HEAD/main/Main.py   META(Download)
import Window_Main
from System import System
from Network import Network
class Main:
                return None
        if not __new_network: 
            __new_network = Network(name)
            self.__networks[name] = __new_network
            self.__current_network = name

src/t/a/TAutils-HEAD/wrangler/TransitNetwork.py   TAutils(Download)
import copy, glob, inspect, math, os, re, sys, xlrd
from collections import defaultdict
from .Linki import Linki
from .Logger import WranglerLogger
from .Network import Network
class TransitNetwork(Network):
    Full Cube representation of a transit network (all components)
    # These are the coefficients/constant for the bus dwell functions.

src/t/a/TAutils-HEAD/wrangler/HighwayNetwork.py   TAutils(Download)
from .HwySpecsRTP import HwySpecsRTP
from .Logger import WranglerLogger
from .Network import Network
from .NetworkException import NetworkException
__all__ = ['HighwayNetwork']
class HighwayNetwork(Network):

src/t/a/TAutils-HEAD/wrangler/__init__.py   TAutils(Download)
from .Linki import Linki
from .Network import Network
from .NetworkException import NetworkException
from .PNRLink import PNRLink
from .Supplink import Supplink
    setupLogging(LOG_FILENAME, LOG_FILENAME.replace("info", "debug"))
    net = Network()
    net.cloneAndApplyProject(projectname="Muni_CentralSubway", tag="1-latest", modelyear=2030)

src/z/e/ZenPacks.zenoss.XenServer-HEAD/ZenPacks/zenoss/XenServer/invalidations.py   ZenPacks.zenoss.XenServer(Download)
from .Host import Host
from .HostCPU import HostCPU
from .Network import Network
from .PBD import PBD
from .PIF import PIF

src/c/l/cloubed-HEAD/lib/DomainNetif.py   cloubed(Download)
""" DomainNetif class of Cloubed """
from Network import Network
class DomainNetif:

src/s/t/StochasticBlockmodel-HEAD/test_sparse.py   StochasticBlockmodel(Download)
from datetime import date, timedelta
from Network import Network
from Models import Stationary, StationaryLogistic, NonstationaryLogistic
# Initialize network from citation data
net = Network()

src/s/t/StochasticBlockmodel-HEAD/test_regular.py   StochasticBlockmodel(Download)
import numpy as np
from Network import Network
from Models import StationaryLogistic, RaschLogistic, StationaryLogisticMargins
from Experiment import RandomSubnetworks, Results, add_network_stats
# Initialize full network
net = Network(params['N'])
# Generate covariates and associated coefficients

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