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The Unicast UDP client thread class.

This class is a thread to serve as Pyevolve client on the UDP
datagrams, it is used to send data over network lan/wan.

   >>> s = Network.UDPThreadClient('', 1500)
   >>> s.setData("Test data")
   >>> s.setTargetHost('', 666)
   >>> s.start()(more...)

src/p/y/Pyevolve-HEAD/pyevolve/Migration.py   Pyevolve(Download)
      self.topologyGraph = None
      self.serverThread = Network.UDPThreadServer(host, port)
      self.clientThread = Network.UDPThreadUnicastClient(self.myself[0], rand_randint(30000, 65534))
   def setMyself(self, host, port):