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src/p/y/Pymol-script-repo-HEAD/modules/ADT/AutoDockTools/CADD/VisionNetworks/VS_net.py   Pymol-script-repo(Download)
    elif '-w' in argv: # run without Vision and exit
         # create communicator
        from NetworkEditor.net import Communicator
        masterNet.communicator = Communicator(masterNet)
        print 'Communicator listening on port:', masterNet.communicator.port

src/p/y/Pymol-script-repo-HEAD/modules/ADT/AutoDockTools/CADD/cadd.py   Pymol-script-repo(Download)
    def run(self):
        from NetworkEditor.net import Communicator
        self.net.communicator = Communicator(self.net)
        print 'Communicator listening on port:', self.net.communicator.port