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src/n/e/NeuroTools-0.2.0/test/test_analysis.py   NeuroTools(Download)
    def testCrosscorrelateNoLag(self):
        int, int_, norm = analysis.crosscorrelate(self.spk0, self.spk1)
        #The following are output was generated with the FIND MATLAB toolbox
        matlab_int = numpy.loadtxt(self.p + '/analysis/crosscorrelate/out_matlab_int')
        numpy.testing.assert_array_almost_equal(int, matlab_int,
    def testCrosscorrelateLag100(self):
        """Test case with lag within the length of the input array
        int, int_, norm, = analysis.crosscorrelate(self.spk0, self.spk1,
    def testCrosscorrelateLag500(self):
        """Test case with lag is higher than the trial length
        int, int_, norm = analysis.crosscorrelate(self.spk0, self.spk1,

src/s/p/SpikeSort-HEAD/src/spike_analysis/xcorr.py   SpikeSort(Download)
    from NeuroTools.analysis import crosscorrelate
    crosscorrelate = raise_exception