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        def check_numpy_version():
    import numpy
    numpy_version = numpy.__version__.split(".")[0:2]
    numpy_version = float(".".join(numpy_version))
    if numpy_version >= 1.2:
        return True
        return False

src/n/e/NeuroTools-0.2.0/src/signals/spikes.py   NeuroTools(Download)
import scipy.signal
import logging
from NeuroTools import check_dependency, check_numpy_version
from NeuroTools import analysis
    MATPLOTLIB_ERROR = "The matplotlib package was not detected"
newnum = check_numpy_version()
# check whether numpy.histogram supports the deprecated "new" keyword.

src/n/e/NeuroTools-0.2.0/src/signals/analogs.py   NeuroTools(Download)
import os, re, numpy
from NeuroTools import check_dependency, check_numpy_version
from NeuroTools.io import *
from NeuroTools.plotting import get_display, set_axis_limits, set_labels, SimpleMultiplot
newnum = check_numpy_version()
from spikes import SpikeList, SpikeTrain
from pairs import *