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src/p/y/PyNN-HEAD/test/unsorted/simple_network.py   PyNN(Download)
    def get_v(self):
        vm = {}
        for pop in self._neuronal_populations:
            vm_arr = pop.get_v()
            vm[pop.label] = signals.VmList(vm_arr[:,(0,2)], id_list=range(pop.size),

src/p/y/PyNN-HEAD/test/unsorted/test_synaptic_integration.py   PyNN(Download)
from NeuroTools.stgen import StGen
from NeuroTools.plotting import SimpleMultiplot
from NeuroTools.signals import VmList
from pyNN.multisim import MultiSim
from pyNN.utility import init_logging
        for sim2 in sim_list:
            v2 = vm_data[sim2.__name__]['post'][0]
            vmlist = VmList([],[], dt=v1.dt)
            ## NEST seems to be missing some values at the start and end of the trace,
            ## so we trim all signals to the minimum length. This should be fixed in PyNN