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src/n/e/NeuroTools-0.2.0/examples/retina/retina.py   NeuroTools(Download)
import pyNN.nest2 as sim
from pyNN.utility import Timer
from NeuroTools.signals import load_spikelist
import os, tempfile
import numpy
        # TODO LUP  get out_ON_DATA on a 2D grid independantly of out_ON.cell.astype(int)
        out_ON_DATA = load_spikelist(out_ON_filename,range(N),
                                        t_start=0.0, t_stop=params['simtime'])
        out_OFF_DATA = load_spikelist(out_OFF_filename,range(N),

src/n/e/NeuroTools-0.2.0/examples/single_neuron/simple_single_neuron.py   NeuroTools(Download)
import pyNN.nest2 as sim
# the link to read SpikeList files with NeuroTools
from NeuroTools.signals import load_spikelist
# using parameters utility
from NeuroTools.parameters import ParameterSet
        #print output_filename
        output_DATA = load_spikelist(output_filename,N,
                                        t_start=0.0, t_stop=params.simulation.simtime)
        writeCPUTime = timer.elapsedTime()

src/n/e/NeuroTools-0.2.0/examples/sfn2008/sfn_example_simulated_data.py   NeuroTools(Download)
# loading spiking data
s = signals.load_spikelist('spike_data')
# raster plot

src/n/e/NeuroTools-0.2.0/test/test_analysis.py   NeuroTools(Download)
        #Used for the testcases of the crosscorrelate function
        spk = signals.load_spikelist(self.p + '/analysis/crosscorrelate/spike_data')
        self.spk0 = spk[0]
        self.spk1 = spk[1]