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src/p/y/pymc-2.3.2/pymc/Container.py   pymc(Download)
from .Node import Node, ContainerBase, Variable, StochasticBase, DeterministicBase, PotentialBase, ContainerRegistry
from copy import copy
from numpy import ndarray, array, zeros, shape, arange, where, dtype, Inf

src/p/y/pymc-2.3.2/pymc/PyMCObjects.py   pymc(Download)
import numpy as np
from numpy import shape, size, ravel, zeros, ones, reshape, newaxis, broadcast, ndim, expand_dims
from .Node import Node, ZeroProbability, Variable, PotentialBase, StochasticBase, DeterministicBase
from . import Container
from .Container import DictContainer, ContainerBase, file_items, ArrayContainer
class Stochastic(StochasticBase):
    A variable whose value is not determined by the values of its parents.

src/p/y/pymc-2.3.2/pymc/StepMethods.py   pymc(Download)
from .PyMCObjects import Stochastic, Potential, Deterministic
from .Container import Container
from .Node import ZeroProbability, Node, Variable, StochasticBase
from .decorators import prop
from . import distributions