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src/c/l/class2go-HEAD/main/courses/forums/OAuthSimple.py   class2go(Download)
import string
import OAuthSimpleException
    def setPath(self, path):
        if not path:
            raise OAuthSimpleException('No path specified')
        self._path = path
        return self
    def setAction(self, action):
        action = action.upper()
        if re.match('[^A-Z]', action):
            raise OAuthSimpleException(
                    'Invalid action specified for OAuthSimple.setAction')
    def signatures(self, signatures):
        if signatures and (type(signatures) != type({})):
            raise OAuthSimpleException(
                    'Must pass Dict to OAuthSimple.signatures')
                del self._secrets[swapable[0]]
        if not self._secrets.get('oauth_consumer_key'):
            raise OAuthSimpleException('Missing required oauth_consumer_key')
        if not self._secrets.get('shared_secret'):
            raise OAuthSimpleException('Missing required shared_secret')