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This module contains an OpenSoundControl implementation (in Pure Python), based (somewhat) on the 
good old 'SimpleOSC' implementation by Daniel Holth & Clinton McChesney.

This implementation is intended to still be 'Simple' to the user, but much more complete
(with OSCServer & OSCClient classes) and much more powerful
(the OSCMultiClient supports subscriptions & message-filtering,
OSCMessage & OSCBundle are now proper container-types)


src/p/y/pymonome-HEAD/examples/rove_bridge.py   pymonome(Download)
#   ./rove_bridge.py a40h-002 8080 8000 /rove
import argparse, monome, OSC
class BridgeFrontend(OSC.OSCServer):

src/k/a/kamaelia-HEAD/Sketches/JT/Jam/library/trunk/Kamaelia/Apps/Jam/Protocol/Osc.py   kamaelia(Download)
import OSC
import Axon

src/k/a/kamaelia-HEAD/Sketches/JT/Jam/library/trunk/Kamaelia/Apps/Jam/Internet/UDPDispatcher.py   kamaelia(Download)
import sets
import Axon
import OSC
from Kamaelia.Chassis.Pipeline import Pipeline

src/p/y/PyMT-0.5.1/pymt/lib/osc/oscAPI.py   PyMT(Download)
import OSC
import socket, os, time, errno, sys
from threading import Lock

src/a/c/AccordionMega-HEAD/rtmidi/pkaudio/scosc/tools.py   AccordionMega(Download)
import math
import struct
import OSC
import osctools

src/a/c/AccordionMega-HEAD/rtmidi/pkaudio/scosc/osctools.py   AccordionMega(Download)
import math
import struct
import OSC
import math

src/s/h/shoebot-1.0b/lib/tuio/__init__.py   shoebot(Download)
import inspect
import OSC
import profiles

src/e/p/epimorphism-HEAD/_lib/interface/oschandler.py   epimorphism(Download)
import socket, threading, re
import OSC
class OSCHandler(threading.Thread):

src/a/b/AbletonLive9_RemoteScripts-HEAD/Conductr/RemixNet.py   AbletonLive9_RemoteScripts(Download)
            import socket
import OSC 
class OSCEndpoint:

src/a/b/AbletonLive9_RemoteScripts-HEAD/Conductr/LiveOSCCallbacks.py   AbletonLive9_RemoteScripts(Download)
import Live
import RemixNet
import OSC
import LiveUtils
import sys

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