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src/o/r/orange3-HEAD/Orange/widgets/visualize/owparallelcoordinates.py   orange3(Download)
from Orange.widgets.utils.colorpalette import ColorPaletteDlg, ColorPaletteGenerator
from Orange.widgets.utils.plot import xBottom, OWPalette
from Orange.widgets.utils.scaling import checksum
from Orange.widgets.utils.toolbar import ZoomSelectToolbar, ZOOM, PAN, SPACE, REMOVE_ALL, SEND_SELECTION
from Orange.widgets.visualize.owparallelgraph import OWParallelGraph
    def set_data(self, data):
        if data and (len(data) == 0 or len(data.domain) == 0):
            data = None
        if checksum(data) == checksum(self.data):
            return  # check if the new data set is the same as the old one