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src/f/o/FormalSystems-0.1.2/formalsystems/formalsystems.py   FormalSystems(Download)
from .leplparsing import reg_to_lex, parse
from .OrderedSet import OrderedSet
    def _apply_rules_step(self, ths, verbose=True):
        current = OrderedSet(ths)
        yield 1, current
            current = OrderedSet(self.apply_rules(current, verbose=verbose))
            if verbose:
    def _apply_rules_bucket(self, ths, full=False, verbose=True):
        bucket     = OrderedSet()
        old_bucket = OrderedSet()

src/p/y/pyflwor-HEAD/pyflwor/symbols.py   pyflwor(Download)
from collections import deque
from itertools import product
from OrderedSet import OrderedSet
class Attribute(object):
                        if i+1 == len(attrs): yield v
                        else: add(queue, u, v, i) # otherwise add to the queue
        return OrderedSet(select(objs, attrs))
    object.__setattr__(query, '__objquery__', True)
    return query

src/c/s/CSnake-HEAD/src/csnDependencies.py   CSnake(Download)
    def __init__(self, _project):
        self.project = _project
        self.projects = OrderedSet.OrderedSet()
        self.projectsNonRequired = OrderedSet.OrderedSet()
        self.projectsIncludedInSolution = OrderedSet.OrderedSet()
                raise DependencyError("Cyclic dependency: %s" % namelist)
            return OrderedSet.OrderedSet()
        _stack = _stack + [self.project]
                return _cache[self.project]
        directDependencies = OrderedSet.OrderedSet()
        toSubtract = OrderedSet.OrderedSet()
        toAdd = OrderedSet.OrderedSet()

src/c/s/CSnake-HEAD/src/csnGenerator.py   CSnake(Download)
        # Find projects that must be generated. A separate list is used to ease debugging.
        projectsToGenerate = OrderedSet.OrderedSet()
        requiredProjects = _targetProject.GetProjects(_recursive = 1, _onlyRequiredProjects = 1)        
        for projectToGenerate in requiredProjects:
        # generate projects, and add a line with ADD_SUBDIRECTORY
        generatedProjects = OrderedSet.OrderedSet()
        for project in projectsToGenerate:
            # check again if a previous iteration of this loop didn't add project to the generated list

src/c/s/CSnake-HEAD/src/csnContext.py   CSnake(Download)
        if not self.GetSubCategoriesOf().has_key(super):
            self.GetSubCategoriesOf()[super] = OrderedSet.OrderedSet()

src/p/y/pyflwor-HEAD/pyflwor/test_pyflwor.py   pyflwor(Download)
import unittest, os, sys, base64, itertools, random, time
from OrderedSet import OrderedSet as oset
import pyflwor
import symbols