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@brief The root of the ANTLR exception hierarchy.

To avoid English-only error messages and to generally make things
as flexible as possible, these exceptions are not created with strings,
but rather the information necessary to generate an error.  Then
the various reporting methods in Parser and Lexer can be overridden
to generate a localized error message.  For example, MismatchedToken
exceptions are built with the expected token type.
So, don't expect getMessage() to return anything.

src/p/y/py-orderly-json-HEAD/orderlyjson/orderly_json.py   py-orderly-json(Download)
def parseStream(char_stream):
    from OrderlyJSONLexer import OrderlyJSONLexer
    from OrderlyJSONParser import ANTLRFileStream, ANTLRStringStream, CommonTokenStream, OrderlyJSONParser, RecognitionException
  except ImportError: