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src/t/r/Trail-HEAD/src/ancillary/BookmarksGUI.py   Trail(Download)
        if node: self.viewer().select_node(node)
        self._collection = bookmarks.collection.Collection(self.root())
    def load(self, usedefault=0):
            # display the bookmarks the hard way:
            BookmarksFormatter(browser, self.root())
    def goto_node(self, node, browser=None):
    def get_insertion_info(self):
        """Return folder to insert info, and flag indicating which end."""
        addlocation = self.addcurloc.get()
        if addlocation == NEW_AT_END:
            return self.root(), 1
        if addlocation == NEW_AT_BEG:
            return self.root(), 0
            # if no node was selected, then just insert it at the top.
            if not snode:
                return self.root(), 0
            nodetype = snode.get_nodetype()
            if nodetype in ("Bookmark", "Separator"):