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src/t/r/Trail-HEAD/src/ancillary/BookmarksGUI.py   Trail(Download)
from Tkinter import *
from grailutil import *
from Outliner import OutlinerViewer, OutlinerController
class TkListboxViewer(OutlinerViewer):
    def __init__(self, root, listbox):
        self._listbox = listbox
        OutlinerViewer.__init__(self, root)
        if len(self._nodes) > 0:
        # depth-first search for the next (or previous) node
        # containing the pattern.  Handle wrapping.
        sv = OutlinerViewer(self._root,
class BookmarksMenuViewer(OutlinerViewer):
    def __init__(self, controller, parentmenu):
        self._controller = controller
        self._depth = 0
        self._menustack = [parentmenu]