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src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATDB/plugins/KineticsAnalysis.py   PEATDB(Download)
            #use ftest to see if 1 pka is better than fitting a line
            for d in kd:
                E.findBestModel(d, update=True, models=['Linear', '1 pKa 2 Chemical shifts'],
                                         conv=1e-12, grad=1e-12, strictchecking=False)

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATDB/Ekin/Titration.py   PEATDB(Download)
            for d in Ec.datasets:
                f, p = Ec.findBestModel(d, models=cls.models, strictchecking=True, alpha=0.05)
            ekindatac[prot] = Ec.prepare_data()