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src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATDB/plugins/KineticsAnalysis.py   PEATDB(Download)
                for k in kd:
                    edata = E.getDataset(k)
                    fdata = E.getFitData(k)
                    kd[k].insertDataset(edata, name+'_'+str(r))
                    kd[k].setFitData(name+'_'+str(r), fdata)
                for dup in dups:
                    d = dup+'_'+ph
                    fdata = E.getFitData(d)
                    if not d in E.datasets: continue
                    tm = E.getMetaData(d)['t50']

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATDB/Ekin/Titration.py   PEATDB(Download)
                print d
                fit = E.getFitData(d)
                if fit != None and len(fit)>0 and fit['model'] != 'Linear':
                    ferrs = E.estimateExpUncertainty(d, runs=20, xuncert=xuncert, yuncert=yuncert, guess=guess)