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Applies the mutations defined by the receiver to wildTypeSequence

Note: wildTypeSequence must correspond to a single chain which is specified by id
Also sequence are assumed to have a 1 offset.
Thus the mutation A1A is applied to element 0 of wildTypeSequence

        wildTypeSequence: A string of one letter amino-acid codes
        chain: The chain the sequence corresponds to.(more...)

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATDB/Actions.py   PEATDB(Download)
                print 'Record has mutation code %s' %rec.Mutations
                mutationSet = Core.Data.MutationSet(rec.Mutations)
                mutseq = mutationSet.applyToSequence(refaa, id='A', pdb=Xref)                 
                rec.aaseq = self.string2AAseq(mutseq)
                refaa = Core.Data.GetChainSequences(Xref)['A']
                #print refaa
                mutseq = mutationSet.applyToSequence(refaa, id='A', offset=None, pdb=Xref)                 
                rec.aaseq = self.string2AAseq(mutseq)