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Send an array of data to Pd.
It will arrive at the [python-interface] object as a space delimited list.

p.Send(["my", "test", "yay"])

src/p/a/PatchWerk-Radio-HEAD/app/PureData/PureData.py   PatchWerk-Radio(Download)
    def dspstate(self, state):
        self.Send(['dsp', state])
    def debug(self, state):
        self.Send(['debug', state])
        #set the server type to Icecast2
        self.Send(["stream", "server", 1])
        #send stream META Data
        for tag, info in meta.iteritems():
            self.Send(["stream", "meta", tag, info])
        self.Send(["stream", "password", password])