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src/c/g/cgat-HEAD/CGATPipelines/pipeline_docs/pipeline_peakcalling/trackers/Annotations.py   cgat(Download)
class AnnotationsAssociated(PeakcallingReport.DefaultTracker, AnnotationSlicer):
    """simple join between a data table and table defining slices.
class Annotations(PeakcallingReport.DefaultTracker, AnnotationSlicer):
    """Base class for trackers getting info from the annotations tables.
    Derived Trackers should define the two attributes :attr:`mSelect` and 

src/c/g/cgat-HEAD/CGATPipelines/pipeline_docs/pipeline_peakcalling/trackers/Distances.py   cgat(Download)
class ClosestDistance(Annotations.AnnotationSlicer, PeakcallingReport.DefaultTracker):
    """Closest distance of transcript models to gene models in the reference set."""
    mXLabel = "distance / bases"
    mPattern = "_distances$"