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Overrides SimpleXMLRPCServer.SimpleXMLRPCServer to handle pickling.

You can use this as a drop-in replacement to SimpleXMLRPCServer.
It will automatically unpickle the incoming arguments. This is most
useful in conjuction with PicklingServerProxy

src/s/u/superpy-1.2.6/superpy/core/Process.py   superpy(Download)
        self._server = PicklingXMLRPC.PicklingXMLRPCServer((host,port))
        self._server.allow_reuse_address = 1

src/s/u/superpy-1.2.6/superpy/core/Servers.py   superpy(Download)
class BasicRPCServer(PicklingXMLRPC.PicklingXMLRPCServer,
    """Class representing server to run remote tasks.
    This class represents a server to run superpy tasks. It is not